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When is Black Friday 2020?

When is Black Friday 2020?
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Calling all bargain hunters: Black Friday is almost upon us. It’s time to get ready for some of the year’s biggest bargains. But when is Black Friday in 2020, anyway? How long does it all last, and will it feel a little different this year? Fear not, shoppers – we’ve got the answers. Here’s what you need to know. 

When is Black Friday?

The Black Friday weekend kicks off on Friday 27 November 2020, meaning it’s the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping and pick up some great winter deals. 

But if Black Friday’s no good for you, don’t worry – there’s Cyber Monday on 30 November, when the deals are likely to be just as impressive. 

Where did Black Friday come from?

Believe it or not, Black Friday is a relatively new trend here in the UK. So where did it come from, and why is it such a big deal? Let’s take a look. 

  • It’s the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, which is always on a Thursday.
  • Black Friday as we all know it started back in 1950s Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia police coined the term to describe the chaotic mixture of overcrowding, traffic jams and stressed-out shoppers.
  • The day marks the ‘official’ start of the Christmas shopping season.  

In the UK, Black Friday started back in 2013, when ASDA (then owned by US company Walmart) launched its own version of the sale. It quickly caught on around the country, and now, it rivals Boxing Day for the biggest shopping event of the year.

What’s on sale?

It’s a big day for tech deals, and you could snap up a home appliance bargain. And since it’s such a popular shopping day, retailers across all sectors, from fashion to beauty, slash their prices. So no matter what you’re in the market for, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up a deal or two.

Just be sure not to get carried away and spend more than you can afford!

How long do the Black Friday sales last?

It might be called Black Friday, but it’s not like all the sales end after 24 hours. We already know the deals run on until at least Cyber Monday, but some retailers may choose to keep the discounts live beyond that. So, here’s some key facts about when it actually starts and how long it lasts.

  • Black Friday deals go live as early as late October: Amazon, for example, plans on running deals from 26 October until 19 November, and it’ll kick off again on 27 November. 
  • Individual shop deals vary considerably – some retailers only participate for the Black Friday weekend. 

Generally speaking, you can pick up deals from early November right through until early December. 

Can I shop Black Friday deals during lockdown?

Absolutely. It’ll just be different from the normal shopping experience. For savvy buyers, though, this could be a good thing. Here’s why.

  • With non-essential stores closed, there won’t be any in-store only deals. That means you won’t be disadvantaged by shopping online.
  • Those special deals will probably still go live, they’ll just be online rather than in-store.
  • There’s a good chance deals will be better than ever this year, as stores compete to get your business. 

Even if non-essential shops open, such as when the lockdown in Wales ends, there will still be a huge push for social distancing, so shops will likely spread their deals over a longer period of time to encourage crowd control. This year, anyway, we expect the best deals to be online. 


When is Black Friday during lockdown? Well, for some retailers, it has already started. Keep an eye out for deals going live within the next week or two as shops try to get ahead of the Christmas surge. 

We’ll leave you with a final piece of advice – don’t forget that cashback credit cards or reward credit cards can help you get even more for your money this Black Friday. Happy shopping!

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