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Your Life

When planning for the future, your financial health is arguably just as important a factor as any other, with direct links to your personal happiness. Fortunately, it’s an area that you CAN influence – and that’s where MyWalletHero comes in to help…

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Published: 25th January 2021

When will driving tests resume?

No Essential Journeys (English) Road to beauty spot closed due to Covid 19 lock down rules

Driving lessons and tests are currently suspended across the UK because of lockdown restrictions. We take a look at when we can expect them to resume.

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Your financial health and life

Here at MyWalletHero, we understand that while a lot of the core components of financial health can fall under certain topics (see our categories for insurance, savings, etc), there are a lot of equally important questions and subjects related to saving money that don’t fit quite so neatly within a specific theme.

Far from overlooking these, we’ve grouped together these queries and answers that are so essential under the umbrella of ‘Life’. Because it’s true – whatever stage of the life cycle you’re in, from the very first moment you assume any kind of financial responsibility, then we believe you’ve begun your Hero’s journey and have already taken steps on the path towards financial freedom!

Consider education, for instance: one of the most (if not THE most) beneficial life experiences anyone can have… but it doesn’t come cheap! Whether you’re paying your own way in further education, or are financially supporting a family member through school, it helps to have a firm handle on your finances throughout to avoid any additional stress of having money worries hanging over you.

(Equally important when planning for the future, of course, is estate planning – we can help guide you through the basic principles and understanding what’s involved, right through to writing a will.)

Likewise, income – where’s it coming from, is it enough? If you’re in part- or full-time employment, are you in a position to negotiate a higher salary – and what’s the best approach to go about that?

You might look at your diary, see one of the many bank holidays spread across the calendar year, and think that would be a great opportunity for a mini-break. But to make the most of your precious holiday, it’s well worth preparing for in advance – identifying where you might like to go, how you’d get there, how much you can afford to spend, and so forth.

On a more general level, you might want to consider budgeting to improve your day-to-day financial health. Are there tools or calculators online to help you, and where can you find the best deals to save the most cash? How can you make your money stretch further?

These are among the many questions we at MyWalletHero strive to answer. For example, you might be hoping for advice about how to have a baby on a budget.. we want to help readers right from the very beginning of their (and their family’s) life cycle. While, as the saying goes, “money can’t buy you happiness”, we are firm believers that being in control of your finances does lead directly to a happier and less stressful lifestyle!

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