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Home decorating ideas to brighten your space on a budget

Home decorating ideas to brighten your space on a budget
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Home decorating on a budget is perfectly possible – as long as you’re willing to be creative. Sometimes, just a few simple adjustments to your decor can completely refresh the feel or look of a room without costing much.

Keep reading for ten home decorating ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Replace your hardware

If you can’t change your cabinets or buy new dressers, replacing handles can give your furniture a completely new look. Buy some metal door handles, get some ceramic knobs or try brass pulls.

Pick something completely different to what you currently have for the biggest change in the look of the room. For extra punch, you could paint your kitchen cabinets too. 

2. Add a statement wall

For home decorating on a budget with a big impact, think walls. While repainting an entire room can be costly and might require hiring a professional, you can easily tackle one single wall by yourself.

Pick the main wall – the one with large pieces of furniture (like your sofa) against it – or a chimney breast. Then use a bright or contrasting colour to paint just that wall.

If paint seems like a big commitment, consider wallpaper or use pattern stencils to create a statement wall.

3. Update your window treatments

Curtains and blinds not only frame windows but can also change the feel of the entire room.

Use extra-long and voluminous fabrics to create a dramatic effect, or go for flowing and light fabrics to create an airy, feminine feeling. Try bright colours to infuse energy into a room or pick tones that match the décor and furniture for a unified feel.

4. Rearrange the room

Place the biggest pieces of furniture in the room at a different angle for some visual impact. Move the couch away from the wall or your bed to a different wall.

Regroup framed photos or display items on one piece of furniture instead of having them spread out all over the room.

5. Give items a new life

For home decorating on a tight budget, forget buying new things. Instead, use paint for DIY home décor that costs very little.

Paint the door and the trim around the window a contrasting colour to the wall. Or use chalk paint to give an old piece of furniture a new lease on life. Start small if you’re unsure – paint a side table or a small chest of drawers.

6. Get rid of clutter

Perhaps the easiest way to go about home decorating on a budget is to get rid of things, rather than to add new ones.

A crowded room will instantly feel completely different if you remove a few pieces of furniture or knick-knacks and decorations covering tables and shelves.

7. Try a new rug

Your floor, like your wall, can make a big statement. While replacing your floors on a budget is unlikely to happen, a rug can tie the room together and will cost you much less.

The bigger the rug, the bigger the impact – but also the bigger the price tag.

8. Swap things around

Before you go out to buy new things, see if you can “shop” in your own home. Maybe there’s a small set of drawers in your bedroom that can work in the hallway. Or maybe the lamps you have in your dining room would work better in the bedroom.

Switch pillows and throws from one room to another or move plants around the house.

You can also decide on a colour for each season and add candles, throw pillows or other accents in that colour, then change them every three months to freshen up the space.

9. Create a focal point

If painting or wallpapering a wall is too big a job, you can create a different focal point. For example, you can create a gallery wall by grouping together 10 to 15 framed photos or prints.

Can’t afford art pieces? Your children’s drawings, beautiful images from calendars or even postcards can be turned into hanging art if you have beautiful frames.

You could also try setting a large mirror on the floor and against the wall to reflect a beautiful corner and make the room appear larger.

10. Go thrift shopping

If you could really use a few “new” items (maybe a new side table or some vintage frames) to spice up a room, consider searching for pre-loved (second hand) pieces.

Flea markets, car boot sales and thrift stores might have that treasure you need to completely transform your space for very little money. 

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