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Local shops for local savers


Hey Heroes!

As restrictions increase across the UK we’ve been looking for ways to keep our spirits up ahead of Halloween.

This year our trick will be to find treats close to home.

So if the scariest thing about this weekend is the thought of being stuck indoors, it might be worth seeing what your local area has to offer!

(Sam’s got his sights set on some local linguine…)

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Sam’s Savings


Sam Robson
Editor, MyWalletHero
Local shops for local savers

I’m not exactly raging against the machine by saying this, but… I’m just not a big fan of chain restaurants.
I haven’t got a go-to order when looking at menus; in fact, I usually opt for something I can’t cook for myself at home or that I’ve never had before. I mean, where’s the fun in only ever having a few meals on rotation, cooked in exactly the same way each time?
(Italian chefs are the best at hiding treats on their menus: don’t be put off by “Little Tongues”, it’s simply linguine! Skipping over “Trouser Leg”? Your loss if you’re a fan of calzone! I’ll admit to having been a bit sceptical of “Grandpa’s Balls” but it’s just pork salami… honestly!)
By favouring independent eateries, I’m given almost unlimited options rather than picking from the same set menu, time and time again.
Oh, and one more thing – because smaller businesses often need to work harder to attract footfall, they often put on some great deals that are kind on your wallet!
For example, my local pub offers two burgers and a side of chips each for £15 on Mondays, which is far cheaper than the same meal at a gourmet burger chain restaurant.
I’ve eaten at restaurants where the dessert is free if you order a starter and a main. Plenty offer loyalty schemes, too, giving you complimentary dishes if you’ve returned a certain number of times.
Personally, it feels (and tastes) good to support local businesses rather than experiencing culinary Groundhog Day by eating at the same chain restaurants forever.
So next time you’re walking past that place you’ve never gone in but always wondered what the food’s like, stop and check out the menu. Your belly and bank balance may both thank you later!

Sam’s favourite tips for saving money without straying too far from home:

  • From time to time, American Express has an offer called ‘Shop Small’, where you receive £5 back for every £10 you spend at a participating store, up to ten times. £50 cashback while supporting local businesses? Yes please!)
  • Download the Too Good To Go app and see which local food stores are offering cut-price meals and snacks – it’s a great way to prevent food waste AND save you forking out full price for something you were going to buy anyway… Win-win!

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It’s that time of year when the big question needs to be broached…

“Is it time to put the heating on?”

If you’re worried about approaching heating costs you may wish to find out if you’re eligible for the government’s Warm Home Discount.

The Warm Home Discount was introduced in 2011 to cushion the impact of rising energy prices. It’s a one-off payment of £140 which goes directly towards energy bills of those who are eligible.

Find out more about eligibility criteria and how to apply here…

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The increased restrictions in the UK may have hampered autumnal getaways this half-term, but here at MyWalletHero we like to try and look for the silver linings.

In other years an October break might have meant spending money on flights abroad and accommodation, but this year has given us the chance to be a little more inventive… and a little more thrifty! 

With Halloween just around the corner we believe there’s still plenty of fun to be had close to home…

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Written by the MyWalletHero Team.