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Green-finger discount


Hey Heroes!

We’ve had a busy old fortnight at Hero Towers, and as a result we’ve got not one – but two – new releases to show off to you.

Our brand-new Balance Transfer calculator shows you exactly how much you could save if you’re thinking of getting a balance transfer credit card!

Our Mortgages hub is hot off-the-press too. As house prices dominate the news and estate agents are swamped with viewings, we thought this would be a good time to collate all our mortgage articles and guides into one handy hub, especially for you!

If that wasn’t enough Sam’s back with a dill‑icious money‑saving kitchen tip, and some sage advice for all you budding gardeners…

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Sam’s Savings


Sam Robson
Editor, MyWalletHero
Green‑finger discount

Like many during lockdown, my home gradually began filling up with flower pots and green leaves of all shapes and sizes.

After all, if we weren’t able to freely explore nature out of our homes, then we were going to bring a bit of it inside!

There was an unspoken agreement between my partner and I that she would tend to those plants in the following rooms: lounge, bedroom, study, bathroom, and front porch.

Leaving me with: the kitchen.

To be fair, my ‘gardening CV’ would simply state that I managed to do the unthinkable, and kill a couple of cacti. So it was probably for the best that I took a back seat…

Still, I had that one room. And true to form, I took to thinking how I could save a bit of money.

When it comes to cooking, often fresh herbs are included in the list of ingredients. And previously, I had been spending the best part of a pound on packets from the supermarket each and every time.

You’d be right if you guessed that didn’t sit well with me. Especially because we only tend to use a small portion of the supermarket-bought pack, and when the next recipe comes along that requires that same herb, the leaves have browned or started to turn soggy…

I’m not good with food that’s gone off. And I’m not good with essentially throwing money away.

So we bought a range of living herbs for the kitchen, and you better believe that keeping them alive became my pet project! At any hour of the day, you’d find me tending to the thyme, caressing the coriander, murmuring to the mint…

Luckily for all concerned, they didn’t go the way of the cactus, and I was able to start snipping a stem off each plant any time I needed to add some flavour to my dinner.

I haven’t bought a packet of herbs from the supermarket since!

Another green-fingered tip to save money:

If you don’t have the time or space to grow your own herbs, and rely on those supermarket packs, then once you’ve trimmed off what you need for your recipe, carry on picking the rest of the leaves, put these into an ice cube tray, fill it with water (or oil/melted butter) and pop it in the freezer. Now, the next time you need herbs for a recipe, simply melt one of these into your pan!

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If you have existing credit card debt, getting a balance transfer credit card could save you a lot of money and save your credit score.

With a balance transfer card, you transfer an existing high-interest credit card balance to a new card that offers a period of 0% interest on that transferred balance. This could provide you time you need to pay down your debt without adding new interest charges.

Choosing the right balance transfer credit card for you can take a little finesse… Which is why we’re excited to unveil our brand new Balance Transfer Calculator!

Use our calculator to see how much a balance transfer card could save you.

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We asked, you answered…

The country mice take the victory this week – with a healthy majority of you preferring a life of rural idyll to the bright lights of the big cities.

This is a trend that estate agents have been reporting since lockdown lifted, as house sales in countryside locations are soaring

If you’re looking for your own patch of green (or are keeping an eye on the housing market with the hopes of taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday!) make sure you check out our brand-new Mortgages hub, where we’ve collated all our mortgage and housing articles and guides…

Click here to explore our new Mortgages hub!


Thanks for joining us today Heroes, we’ll have more money musings winging their way to your inbox soon!

Written by the MyWalletHero Team.