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Credit Cards

At MyWalletHero, we understand that committing to one of the many credit cards available in the UK can feel like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve produced an extensive resource to cover all you need to know when it comes to the shiny rectangle!

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The world of credit cards is vast and wide-ranging, with seemingly a different type of card available depending on your circumstances.

As such, we believe the decision to get a credit card shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we’ve put together content to help you understand which credit cards could be right for you – from learning how to improve your credit score, to getting perks and benefits that best suit your way of life.

For example, small- to medium-sized companies (or larger, lest they feel left out!) might seek business credit cards to issue to certain employees. Unlike Patrick Bateman and his broker buddies in American Psycho, we believe it’s important to focus on substance over style, and look beneath the surface to see what you’re getting. It’s all well and good if the card looks nice (raised lettering/pale nimbus white, anyone?) but more importantly, can your business afford to regularly pay down the balance on a card with a high representative APR, for instance, in return for reward points aplenty?

Alternatively, if you’re looking at credit cards for personal use and you’re fortunate enough not to have any debt to manage, one of the top cashback cards may suit you best – especially if you don’t want to restrict your rewards, limiting them to a particular supermarket, for example, or convert every last one of them into air miles like someone with wanderlust might!

You see, depending on your situation, it might not be as simple as searching for the best credit cards on the UK market (although if that is the case, we’ve got you covered). So once you’ve made use of the many MyWalletHero guides and advice and you’re ready to do a credit cards comparison search, we hope we’ve saved you time by doing a lot of the legwork for you!

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