Barclaycard Platinum 27 Month 0% Interest Purchase and Balance Transfer

By: Harvey Jones | Updated: 18th April, 2019.

Everybody knows Barclaycard, but it isn’t resting on its reputation. It continues to offer market-leading 0% introductory credit card rates, and this Platinum card is one of its most attractive offerings. You won’t pay any interest at all on new purchases or balance transfers for a generous 27 months. Tempted? Then read on.

This Barclaycard deal offers a combined 0% interest purchase and balance transfer credit card deal with one of the lengthiest introductory periods around at 27 months. It also throws in exclusive savings on live events with Barclaycard Entertainment. Just watch out for the balance transfer fee, though, because that’s at the high end. Otherwise, it’s a platinum offer.

Great for: Long 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers
5 stars question mark

The barclaycard Platinum 27 Month Card combines two solid offers. Cardholders get 27 months of 0% interest on purchases, plus 27 months of 0% interest on balance transfers. There is a 2.7% fee on balance transfers, so those looking primarily for a balance-transfer card may want to look for a card that offers fee-free transfers. The addition of ongoing access to your Experian credit score is a nice perk.

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  • Poor/No credit
  • Fair/Average
  • Good/Excellent


  • 0% interest on purchases made over the first 27 months
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for 27 months (but a 2.7% fee applies)
  • Free ongoing access to your Experian credit score


Representative rate 19.9% APR (variable)
Purchase rate 19.9% p.a. (variable)
Based on borrowing £1,200

what we like

  • 0% interest on purchases made over the first 27 months
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for 27 months (but a 2.7% fee applies)
  • Free ongoing access to your Experian credit score



    0% interest for 27 months on new purchases
    0% interest for 27 months on balance transfers made in the first 60 days


  • 4/5 Perks
  • 5/5Fees
  • 2.5/5APR


  • 0% interest on purchases made over the first 27 months
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for 27 months (but a 2.7% fee applies)
  • Free ongoing access to your Experian credit score


Representative rate 19.9% APR (variable)
Purchase rate 19.9% p.a. (variable)
Based on borrowing £1,200


Barclaycard doesn’t just give you interest-free purchases for 27 months, but an introductory balance transfer deal as well. This puts it right up there with the best dual 0% introductory interest rate offers.

What I like about Barclaycard Platinum 27 Month 0% Card

  • Generous 0% introductory rate on purchases – 27 months of interest-free spending should be enough for the most avid shoppers, who should aim to clear their balance before the full APR kicks in.
  • Lengthy balance transfer rate too – If you transfer your existing credit card balance, Barclaycard gives you a massive 27 months to pay down your borrowings without incurring any interest. Perfect for people who are struggling with pricey card debt.
  • Free access to your credit score – Knowing your credit score can help you improve your financial health and make successful credit applications in future. Barclays has teamed up with credit reference agency Experian to give ongoing access, free of charge.
  • Entertaining extras – New customers also get Barclaycard Entertainment, which offers cut-price tickets for more than 3,500 live events each year, exclusive festival pre-sales and money off food and drink at O2 Academy venues when you pay with your Barclaycard.
  • Other benefits – Barclays offers an online eligibility checker, which shows how likely you are to be accepted before you apply, without the result affecting your credit rating. Apply online in three easy steps and, if approved, you could have your Barclaycard in five working days.
  • Worth knowing – This card is only available for new Barclaycard customers, and applications are subject to status: you may be offered a different credit limit, representative APR, purchase rate or promotional balance transfer period, depending on your credit history and individual circumstances. Those with credit problems are likely to be rejected. Default charges for missed or late payments are in line with competitors’ at £12 a pop.

Why trust me

I’ve been a personal financial journalist for 30 years, writing for national newspapers, magazines and websites. I reported on the technology boom in the 1990s, and the subsequent bust. I covered the financial crisis, and the tentative recovery. Decades of writing about the big banks has taught me to be sceptical, to examine every pledge and promise, and look closely at the small print of their product offerings. I’m on the side of the consumer, alert to rip-offs while also keen to highlight top deals. There are plenty out there, if you know where to look.

What could be improved

This is an attractive promotional offering, but I do have a couple of quibbles.

  • Tight balance transfer deadline – Balance transfers must be made within 60 days to benefit from the 0% offer. That’s enough for most people, although many issuers give you 90 days.
  • High balance transfer fee – The downside of most balance transfer cards is that you have to pay a fee of up to 3% of the balance you shift over, which will cost £30 for every £1,000 of debt, and Barclaycard’s is towards the higher end of the scale.
  • A few extras would be nice – This card gave you £20 when transferring a balance of £2,000, but that deal has now expired. Ah well, you can’t have it all.

How does this Barclaycard offer stack up?

Some introductory 0% interest balance transfer deals last a little longer, but as combined deals go it is hard to beat. Shame about the balance transfer fee, but then most cards charge a similar fee. Hard to beat.

Barclaycard Platinum 27 Month credit score

Applicants must be aged 21 or over with no individual voluntary agreements (IVAs) or county court judgements (CCJs) against their name, and must not have been declared bankrupt in the past six years. Past missed payments could count against you, and you need at least four years’ experience of managing credit. You must also show you can afford repayments on any outstanding credit commitments. Applicants need to have had a permanent UK address for at least three months, and a personal income of more than £20,000 a year.

How to apply

Before applying, gather your address details for the last two years, your phone number and email address, current employment details, details of your annual income, and your main bank account sort code and account number.

Is the Barclaycard Platinum 27 Month Credit Card right for you?

The question to ask yourself is whether you want 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for such a lengthy period. If clearing existing debt is your priority, look for a balance transfer card either with a longer introductory period or a lower transfer fee. If you don’t have much debt or clear your balance every month and don’t want 0% interest on purchases, you may do better with a card offering extras such as rewards and points. It depends on what you are after.

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