You Can’t Afford To Turn Down Free Money


With the cost of living crisis still in full swing, it’s true to say that saving money is the primary concern for a large number of people in the UK. That’s the main reason why no-frills supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl have become so popular; they offer own-brand products at a fraction of the price of their larger supermarket rivals.

Although lower prices are great news for shoppers and help wages to go further than they otherwise would, millions of UK consumers are missing out on ‘free money’ that isn’t particularly difficult to get hold of and, over time, can really add up!


Cashback Credit Cards

Would you like to get paid to spend money? Of course, the answer is ‘yes’! Well, that’s exactly what a number of credit card providers are essentially offering. For example, for every £1 you spend, American Express will give you 1.25p as part of their Platinum Cashback Card.

This may not sound much but, over the course of a year, it can easily add up to the cost of a weekly shop and requires no extra effort on your part (except to remember to use the card, of course). Furthermore, if a friend refers you, then you both receive a £25 bonus (which cancels out the first year’s annual fee).


Current Account Offers

Banks such as Halifax are offering £100 simply to switch your current account to them. While in years gone by switching current accounts amounted to a considerable amount of hassle and often missed payments, today banks such as Halifax have a dedicated switching team to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, Halifax will even pay you £5 per month just for paying in your salary which, over the course of a year, really adds up.


Supermarket Shopping

While no-frills operators such as Aldi and Lidl offer extremely low prices, the likes of Sainsbury’s offer incentives such as discounts off your first online shop. Indeed, at the moment Sainsbury’s is offering up to £55 in total off your first five online shops and, although minimum spending amounts are obviously required, they are not particularly unreasonable – particularly if you choose to stock up on more expensive, bulky items.


Fuel Vouchers

While not everyone has a car, those that do could benefit from joining a fuel voucher scheme. With BP being in the Nectar card scheme, you can also accumulate points from a number of other shops through which to earn discount vouchers. Meanwhile, the Shell Drivers Club offers vouchers for high-street stores and, as with the Nectar card, requires no additional effort on the part of the consumer.


'Free Money'

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Peter Stephens owns shares in BP, Shell and J Sainsbury.