3 Top Notch FTSE 100 Stocks To Boost Your Portfolio: Rio Tinto plc, Royal Dutch Shell Plc And British American Tobacco plc


As ever, the simple things often work best. Indeed, when it comes to investing, a focus on value, growth potential and yield tends to generate superior performance over the long run.

Of course, it’s tough to find all three attributes in one company, but with the FTSE 100 going through a rough patch, here are three stocks that come very close indeed to the perfect package of growth, income and value potential.

Rio Tinto

After releasing encouraging results this week that showed profits were up 21% in the first half of the year, Rio Tinto (LSE: RIO) has enjoyed improved market sentiment. However, shares in the mining giant still represent great value for money at current levels, with Rio Tinto having a price to earnings (P/E) ratio of just 11.3.

This compares favourably to the FTSE 100’s P/E of 13.2 and, in addition, Rio Tinto also offers strong bottom line growth potential, with earnings per share (EPS) set to jump by 9% next year. Throw in a yield of 3.6% and Rio Tinto looks like a top notch investment right now.


Shell’s (LSE: RDSB) performance over the last six months has been superb. Shares in the oil major are up 13%, while the FTSE 100 has gone nowhere. Of course, a higher oil price benefitted the company’s recent results, but they also showed that the turnaround plan that management has put in place seems to be paying off.

As well as increased profitability, Shell also offers great value at current levels, with shares in the company trading on a P/E of just 11.2. In addition, they currently yield a mightily impressive 4.5%, with Shell’s improved profitability paving the way for more share buybacks and higher dividends per share moving forward.

British American Tobacco

While tobacco stocks such as British American Tobacco (LSE: BATS) don’t appeal to more ethical investors, the investment case remains strong. Not only does it provide a consistently growing dividend, with shares currently yielding 4.3%, it also comes with significant growth potential. Indeed, British American Tobacco is forecast to grow earnings by 8% next year and, in the longer term, has huge potential to expand into the rapidly growing e-cigarette market via its Vype brand.

Although BAT’s shares trade on a P/E of 16 (versus 13.2 for the FTSE 100), their stability, yield and growth potential mean that they could deserve an even bigger premium over the medium term, thereby making them an attractive buy at current levels.

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Peter Stephens owns shares of Royal Dutch Shell and British American Tobacco. The Motley Fool has no position in any of the shares mentioned.