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Britain’s £825 million Growth Stock Monster

While investors obsess over Apple, Amazon and Google…

…one little-known UK company is seeing faster compounded revenue growth than all of them!

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Why are we so confident about this extraordinary pick?

It all comes down to what we expect will be the ‘Death of Print Magazines’. It may be a dramatic, once-in-a-century event which investors may never see again.

Of course, it’s no big secret that print media is dying.

Marie Claire, FHM, NME and Loaded have all gone digital. Many more famous titles have been wiped out entirely. However, all that wealth has NOT been destroyed.

Instead, we think it’s moving to a hidden area of the industry most ordinary people never see.

Now, this company looks poised for what’s ahead. It already owns some 250 online magazines and comparison sites. Many are household names. This high-value online real-estate reaches a global audience of some 506 million people. What’s more, it’s converting those readers into monstrous profits.

As The Financial Times reports:

“On an average day, readers buy roughly 43,500 items – from luxury dog beds to remote-controlled golf trolleys – after clicking on links in articles.”

And when they buy, this company collects some of the cash – earning it an impressive £272m over the past year – a third of its total revenues!

But that’s not all…

In just 5 years, this business has quietly grown 880% – with:

  • More than a 20X increase in margins
  • Nearly 60% compounded revenue growth– more than double Apple, Amazon and Google!
  • And a 3,000% earnings explosion!

So while past performance is no guarantee of future results, we think it’s just getting warmed up.

Because, if the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ worsens, more shoppers might look to compare items and save. We believe this company’s influence could soar.

It potentially means imminent gains for investors who’re positioned now.

In our opinion, opportunities like this are incredibly rare.

They may only occur a few times in an investor’s life.

Yet the full details are revealed in this FREE report:One Top Growth Stock from The Motley Fool.’

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