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Buy Alert: Self-Repairing Technology From North America

A double-agent exits through a door.
An obscure North American company is taking over Silicon Valley, one device at a time.

They’ve signed exclusive partnership deals with tech titans like Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Even Under Armour has enlisted them to protect their intellectual property.

And if you’re reading this on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone—their unique “self-repairing” technology might already be inside your device!

In fact, their hardware is ready for activation in over 500 million devices across the globe – including most of the world’s new laptops.

As you can see, Big Tech is putting some serious weight behind this North American company.

Yet the financial media rarely mentions them, and I’ll bet many investors have never even heard of them.

And that’s why we’re convinced right NOW could be the perfect time to unveil…

One Killer Stock For The Cybersecurity Surge

We think this company is a cybersecurity trailblazer, which means they’re leading the right industry at the right time.

Cybersecurity is surging, with experts predicting that the cybersecurity market will reach US$366 billion by 2028 – more than double what it is today!

And with that kind of growth, this North American company stands to be the biggest winner.

Because their patented “self-repairing” technology is changing the cybersecurity landscape as we know it.

This revolutionary technology automatically finds and fixes the exact mistakes that cause most data leaks.

To put that in perspective, just one data leak costs US$3.86 million on average – making this a huge problem that can put many organisations out of business.

Which means any company that can solve this problem stands to make potentially massive profits.

It’s no surprise that Big Tech is flocking to this tiny company, and regular investors like us might be wise to follow their lead!

Why We Think This Stock Could Be Bigger Than Shopify

The Motley Fool has been watching this company for a long time, and we like what we see.

That’s why we’re publishing our full research behind this incredible opportunity today.

From the beginning, we knew this company’s technology could be a total gamechanger.

But more recently, we’ve been watching in awe as they keep breaking their own sales records.

At the rate they’re going, we think this company will be massive… and investors who don’t get in now could be kicking themselves for years to come!

Here’s the big picture:

  • They’ve got a groundbreaking product that solves an urgent problem.
  • Their technology is protected by 140 patents, giving them a competitive advantage that other companies can only dream of.
  • Their subscription model guarantees 1 to 5 years of recurring revenue with each sale.
  • Their technology is “sleeping” in hundreds of millions of devices – which means hundreds of millions of opportunities to sell subscriptions.
  • Their sales team keeps breaking records year after year!

You don’t need to be a stock market expert to see why this looks like a promising investment.

If this company’s technology is enabled on only 10-20% of devices, our analysts are convinced it can be “massively successful.”

And if it goes far above and beyond that?

Well… it could become the next famous tech success story.

In fact, we think it could become as big… or even BIGGER than Shopify.

And we know what happened with Shopify!

It became a Motley Fool Share Advisor recommendation in November 2019 — right before its share price exploded by more than 88%!1

Now, Shopify is one of our top-performing recommendations, shown to illustrate the very best potential returns. It is not at all representative. Many of our selections have not performed so well, and some have fallen in value.

But on average, our stock picks have more than doubled the returns of the market.2

Now… as much as we love this brand-new North American stock pick, we want all investors to be fully informed before they decide to take action.

So if you’re even a little bit curious to learn more about this company, just enter your email address below to see how you can get hold of your copy of our brand new report: “One Killer Stock for the Cybersecurity Surge”!

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  1. Motley Fool Share Advisor first recommended shares of Shopify Inc (NASDAQ:SHOP) on 11/11/2019. As of the close of trading on 29/10/21 the shares had gained 383.5%. The return is calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TTWR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs.
  2. Motley Fool Share Advisor has delivered an overall return of 39.6%. The S&P UK Broad Market index has delivered an overall return of 24.0%. Returns are calculated using a time-weighted rate of return (TWRR) methodology that includes dividends reinvested and excludes trading costs. The returns on investments made in overseas currencies are calculated without adjusting for changes in exchange rates, so these may not accurately reflect actual returns for a sterling-based UK investor. The S&P UK Broad Market returns include dividends reinvested. Returns are measured from the date of each recommendation to the close of trading on 29/10/2021. 2 recommendations per month have been made since 27/02/2012.