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Jonathan Smith

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Looking to invest £1,000? Here are the best and worst performing sectors from last month

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Which FTSE 100 firms could see a cut in dividend payouts due to the market crash?

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3 reasons why adding bonds to my FTSE 100 stock portfolio can help during a market crash

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The Lloyds share price surged almost 10% yesterday! Here is why I have just invested more

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During a stock market crash, should I invest for long-term income or growth?

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Forget the gold price! Here is why I’d still invest in stocks during a market crash

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The easyJet share price fell another 13% yesterday. Should I buy?

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2 defensive stocks that I’d buy to protect myself during the 2020 stock market crash

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4 reasons why I think we’re near the end of the 2020 stock market crash

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I like this investment strategy to help me profit long term from the stock market crash

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2 shares I think look cheap after the stock market crash

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I’d buy this stock that rallied yesterday despite the FTSE 100 index falling 4%!

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Which sectors should I invest in during this stock market crash?

Jonathan Smith shows how he is looking at healthcare and supermarkets as sectors that could perform well in this stock market crash and beyond. More »