Articles for Ithaca Energy Inc. (DI) (LSE: IAE)

2 ‘must-buy’ oil stocks with huge potential?

Roland Head highlights two North Sea oil firms with the potential to surprise investors. More »

Is this stock the best buy in the resources sector after today’s results?

Should you pile into this stock right now or are two of its industry peers better buys? More »

5 stocks to buy during this oil market retreat?

Are these shares too cheap to ignore? We look at Royal Dutch Shell, Faroe Petroleum, Hurricane Energy, Ithaca Energy and SOCO International. More »

Could Hornby plc, Ithaca Energy Inc. & Game Digital plc double in the next 6 months?

Roland Head takes a look at three small caps with big potential: Hornby plc (LON:HRN), Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) and Game Digital plc (LON:GMD). More »

Should You Sell Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited And Buy Ithaca Energy Inc?

Would switching to Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) from Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited (LON:GKP) be a wise move for oil investors? More »

Why It’s Much Too Soon To Buy Premier Oil PLC, Ithaca Energy Inc. & Enquest Plc

A Fool explains why Premier Oil PLC (LON:PMO), Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) and Enquest Plc (LON:ENQ) may be much riskier buys than their latest... More »

As Oil Crashes, Is It Time To Buy Pantheon Resources Plc, Ithaca Energy Inc. And Faroe Petroleum plc?

Is it time to start drilling for value in Pantheon Resources Plc (LON:PANR), Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) and Faroe Petroleum plc (LON:FPM)? More »

How Low Can Rio Tinto plc, Genel Energy PLC And Ithaca Energy Inc. Go?

Are Rio Tinto plc (LON:RIO), Genel Energy PLC (LON:GENL) and Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) now cheap enough to buy? More »

Are Ithaca Energy Inc., Rockhopper Exploration Plc & Tullow Oil plc Today’s Biggest Oil Bargains?

Roland Head takes a closer look at Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE), Rockhopper Exploration Plc (LON:RKH) and Tullow Oil plc (LON:TLW). More »

Are Glencore PLC, Ithaca Energy plc And Faroe Petroleum plc Set To Fly?

Are Glencore PLC (LON: GLEN), Ithaca plc (LON:IAE) and Faroe Petroleum plc (LON:FPM) set to defy the commodities rout? More »

Is Xcite Energy Limited A Better Buy Than Ophir Energy Plc, LGO Energy PLC, Ithaca Energy Inc. & Petrofac Limited?

Xcite Energy Limited (LON:XEL), Ophir Energy Plc (LON:OPHR), LGO Energy PLC (LON:LGO), Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) and Petrofac Limited (LON:PFC) are under the spotlight.... More »

Is It Time For A Fresh Look At Enquest Plc And Ithaca Energy Inc.?

North Sea oilers Enquest Plc (LON:ENQ) and Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) are at all-time lows. Is it time to buy? More »

Is It Too Late To Buy Cineworld Group plc, Ithaca Energy Inc. And Monitise Plc?

Are Cineworld Group plc (LON:CINE), Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) and Monitise Plc (LON:MONI) still good value for investors today? More »

Should You Buy Tullow Oil plc Or Ithaca Energy Inc.?

Is Tullow Oil plc (LON:TLW) or Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) your best bet for multi-bagging recovery potential? More »

Should You Buy Rare Earth Minerals PLC Or Ithaca Energy Inc. After Today’s News?

Is Rare Earth Minerals PLC (LON:REM) likely to outperform Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) over the next year? More »

Is Now The Perfect Time To Buy These 3 Oil Stocks? Premier Oil PLC, Solo Oil PLC And Ithaca Energy Inc.

Should you add these 3 oil companies to your portfolio? Premier Oil PLC (LON: PMO), Solo Oil PLC (LON: SOLO) and Ithaca Energy Inc.... More »

3 Oil Stocks Set For Strong Recovery: Tullow Oil plc, Premier Oil PLC And Ithaca Energy Inc.

Tullow Oil plc (LON:TLW), Premier Oil PLC (LON:PMO) and Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) have big rebound potential. More »

Will Tullow Oil plc, Ithaca Energy Inc. And Premier Oil plc Deliver Further Gains In May?

Is there more to come from Tullow Oil plc (LON:TLW), Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) and Premier Oil PLC (LON:PMO) or should you take profits? More »

Should You Invest In IGAS Energy PLC & SOCO International plc Rather Than Xcite Energy Limited & Ithaca Energy Inc.?

IGAS Energy PLC (LON:IGAS), SOCO International plc (LON:SIA), Xcite Energy Limited (LON:XEL) and Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) are under the spotlight. More »

Is Now The Time To Buy Ithaca Energy Inc. & Falkland Oil and Gas Limited?

Are Ithaca Energy Inc. (LON:IAE) & Falkland Oil and Gas Limited (LON:FOGL) a buy after today's news? More »

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