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Why I’d shun falling knife Carillion plc for this ‘secret’ growth stock

Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) may take your fingers but this surprise growth stock could give power to your elbow, says Harvey Jones. More »

Should we now pile into Carillion plc, after crashing 50% today on 3rd profit warning?

Is Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) a decent recovery candidate or a dead loss? More »

Positive trading news doesn’t make Carillion plc a ‘buy’ for me

Royston Wild explains why Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) remains a risk too far despite recent trading news. More »

Carillion plc isn’t the only stock I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole

G A Chester discusses why he'd sell troubled Carillion plc (LON:CLLN) and also a stock hitting new highs today. More »

Why I’d buy Carillion plc and this growth stock in November

Now could be the right time to purchase Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) and this sector peer for the long run. More »

Carillion plc isn’t the only value trap I’d avoid right now

Paul Summers is as bearish on this troubled mid-cap as he is on construction firm Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) More »

Why I’d avoid shares in Carillion plc despite today’s share-price surge

Shares in Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) has surged 9% today on an update from the company. However, Edward Sheldon is still keen to avoid... More »

One high-yield turnaround stock I’d buy instead of Carillion plc

Roland Head explains why he's avoiding Carillion plc (LON:CLLN) and suggests a potential alternative. More »

Why I’d avoid Carillion plc and buy this growth stock instead

Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) looks like a bad bet to me. This growth stock appears to be a better buy. More »

Here’s why I’d buy turnaround stock Carillion plc after H1 results

After Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) shares nosedived, they could be just too cheap to ignore. More »

Why I’d dump Carillion plc to buy this stock

This steady business looks set to outperform troubled Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) More »

Why I’d sell Carillion plc to buy this stock

Bilaal Mohamed explains why this stock could be a profitable alternative to Carillion plc (LON:CLLN). More »

3 big reasons to stay away from Carillion plc

The worst may not be over for shares in Carillion plc (LON:CLLN). More »

Avoiding Carillion plc 2 years ago was right for me and it’s still right now

Why, despite Carillion plc’s (LON: CLLN) recovery potential, Kevin Godbold is avoiding the stock. More »

Why I expect Carillion plc to remain a punching bag

Royston Wild explains why Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) is likely to stay on the back foot. More »

Which falling knife to catch: Carillion plc vs Provident Financial Group plc?

After profit warnings and plunging share prices should investors snap up Provident Financial Group plc (LON:PFG) or Carillion plc (LON:CLLN)? More »

Stand clear: Carillion plc has further to fall!

Mind your fingers, falling knife Carillion plc (LON:CLLN) could cost you dear, says Harvey Jones. More »

An important lesson from Carillion plc’s 70% share price drop

Carillion plc (LON: CLLN) shares have fallen 70% after a profit warning. Could investors have avoided burnt fingers by looking at this indicator? More »

Carillion plc’s contract wins could be worth much more than £300m

Contract wins could help Carillion plc (LON:CLLN) secure funding - and therefore its future. More »

One outsourcing turnaround stock I’d sell and one I’d buy

Which of these fallen shares is the one set to return to growth, and which is the one to avoid? More »