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Why the FTSE 100 could be worth 12,000+ points

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Brexit talks could be this year’s perfect FTSE 100 buying opportunity

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2 FTSE 100 stocks with 5% dividends I’d buy today

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One FTSE 100 dividend stock I’d always buy over Lloyds Banking Group plc

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Buy-to-let is dead but stock markets are alive and kicking

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3 reasons why the FTSE 100 could drop 1,000+ points this year

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After a year of gains, it looks as if now the only way is down for the FTSE 100

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Snap general election could hammer the Footsie

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Why it’s essential that you invest outside the FTSE 100

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Why the FTSE 100 is set to offer a negative dividend yield in 2017

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Has the FTSE 100 peaked?

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