Frequently Asked Questions


Registration & Access

How do I register on The Motley Fool?

It’s quick and easy. Just use our simple registration page.

What are cookies, and why do I need to accept them?

Please see the “Cookies” section of our Privacy and Cookie Statement.

I clicked post a reply or new message, but was taken to a page that invited me to choose a username. What’s going on?

When you registered on the Fool site you might only have been asked for your email address. That’s sufficient to uniquely identify you, and for us to send email newsletters.

But if you want to post a message on our discussion boards you need to have a username that will get shown as the author of the message (we don’t want to use your email address, for obvious privacy reasons!).

So, before you can post on the discussion boards, you must choose a username. Afterwards you can continue to login using your full email address, or you can just use your username.

When you post a message on the discussion boards your username will be displayed as the “Author” no matter which way you login.

When I try to log in I get a message saying “That login and password combination doesn’t work.”

Double-check you’ve entered the correct email address or username.  If you’re sure you have, make sure you’re entering the correct password – because we obscure it with asterisks, it’s easy to mistype, so it’s worth trying again.

If you still get the error message, try resetting your password – look for the “reset your password” link in the “Forgotten your password?” box on the right-hand side of the login page.

I’ve tried everything suggested, so why can’t I log in?

There could be several reasons why you can’t log in, so please contact  us at customer services, giving as many details of the problem as you can — eg,

• What’s your registered email address and username (if you have one)?

• Which page are you trying to log in at? Which page do you end up at?

• Do you get any error messages? (they will usually, but not always, be in red)

— and we’ll be happy to help. The more details you can provide about what happens — or doesn’t happen — the more likely we are to be able to put things right (or, at least, work out what might be wrong).

Finding Stuff on The Motley Fool Website

How can I find a particular article on the Fool site?

There are a number of ways, depending on how recently it was published and how much you can remember about it:

• If it was published in the last day or so, have a look at the Most Recent page.

• If it’s older than that, but you know roughly when it was published, have a look in the Archives. The archives are arranged by year, and by month for each “year” page. (NB. The archives are still incomplete, but we hope to add earlier content in due course.)

• You could search the site for it – see below.

How do I search the Fool site?

At the top of almost any page on the site you will see a text-entry box labelled “Enter Keywords or Ticker”.

If you’re searching for articles on a particular company, just enter its ticker symbol — eg, BARC for Barclays — and you’ll get taken to the summary page for the company.  Recent articles about it will be listed in the “News and Commentary” section, on the left-hand side of the page.

If you don’t know the ticker symbol for a company, enter its name – eg, Banco Santander.  You’ll then get search results for what you entered.  Matches for company names, together with their ticker  symbols, will be shown the “Companies” box at the top right of the search results page.

The search gives priority to tickers, so if you search for, say, BARC, you’ll get taken to the Quotes & Data page for Barclays plc.

If you want to search for occurrences of  BARC in articles or on the discussion board, just put it in double quotes — ie, search for  "BARC"

You can also limit your search to articles, or discussion board posts — or all — using the “Refine by Type” checkboxes on the left-hand side of the results page, and/or also sort by date (rather than relevance) by clicking on the ‘Date’ link near the top right of the page.

If you want to search a specific discussion board, go to the board you want to search and click on any post on that board.

Then click on the board’s name at the top of the post — that’ll take you back to the board’s “index” page.  (And if that sounds a bit roundabout, it is — we hope to fix the problem at some point.)

If you now search using the box at the top of the page your search results will be limited to just that board.  For example if you search the “Improve the Fool” board for search one board that way you’ll see


in the left-hand column.

I still can’t  find what I’m looking for. What can I do?

What you need is the collective brain power of the Fool community!

If you post a message on the ‘Ask A Foolish Question’ discussion board, there’s be bound to be someone amongst the regular readers who will be able to help.

Managing Your Fool Account

How do I change my registered email address?

It depends on whether you already have a password, and can log in to the Fool site, or not:

1. If you are a fully-registered member of the Fool site – with a password for your account – you can update your email address by going to your My Fool page, logging in if requested.

If you then click on the ‘Edit Your Account Info’ link in the ‘My Account’ box (at the top left) you’ll be taken to an ‘Edit your details’ page.

You can then update your email address by clicking the [edit] link after your current email address in the ‘Your details’ box at the top right of that page.

2. If you don’t yet have a password, you’ll need to register in order to change your e-mail address.

To set up a completely free Fool account, which enable you to manage all your own details (including updating your e-mail address), please go to

Just use the same email address that you currently use for your newsletter subscription, and simply choose a password and username to go with it.

Once you’re fully registered, just follow the instructions in 1., above, to change your email address.

How do I change my password?

Changing your password regularly is a good idea. If it is worth having a password, it is worth the effort of changing it from time to time.

You can change your password by by going to your My Fool page, logging in if requested.

If you then click on the ‘Edit Your Account Info’ link in the ‘My Account’ box (at the top left) you’ll be taken to an ‘Edit your details’ page.

You can then update your password by clicking the ‘edit’ link after the row of asterisks — ******** — that represent your current password in the ‘Your details’ box at the top right of the page.

I have forgotten my password. How do I set a new one?

On the login page you will see box on the right hand side labelled “Forgotten your details?”. Just click on the link in “We can help you to reset your password”.

You’ll now be on a page on which you’ll need to enter the email address that’s registered to your Fool account.

We’ll then send you an email containing a special link, that will allow you to set a new password for your account.

How do I change my username?

You can change your username by going to your My Fool page, logging in if requested.

If you then click on the ‘Edit Your Account Info’ link in the ‘My Account’ box (at the top left) you’ll be taken to an ‘Edit your details’ page.

You can then update your username by clicking the ‘edit’ link after your current username in the ‘Your details’ box at the top right of the page.

I have forgotten my username. How can I log in?

If you can’t remember your Fool username, you can just log in with your registered email address instead.

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be redirected to the Fool’s front page, on which it will say “Hi !” at the top right, where is — you guessed it — your username.

I have forgotten both my username & registered email address! What can I do?

Don’t panic! Just contact us – at — giving us any clues you can about either your username or the email address you may have used to register, and we’ll sort things out.

Other people have a username, but I don’t. How do I get one?

You can choose a username by going to your My Fool page, logging in if requested.

Then click on “Edit Your Account Info” in the “My Account” box at the top left of the page.

Now click the “[edit]” link by where it says “USERNAME   None Selected” in the “Your details” box at the top right.

Enter the username you’d like in the ‘Desired User Name’ text box – you can check if it’s still available using the ‘Is this name available?’ link below the box.

As we now have many millions of Fool users worldwide, finding a username you like that’s still available can be a bit frustrating – all we can advise is a combination of patience and ingenuity!

Other people have a ‘profile’ page. How do I do I get one?

If you’ve got a username you already have a profile page! It starts off mostly blank, with just your username. If you haven’t yet got a username, see above.

To get to your Profile page, just log in to the Fool site, and click on your username in the black bar across the top of the page.

Your Profile page has several sections.  There are three tabs:

Activity — this shows your most recent posting activity in the discussion boards.  There’s also a ‘Boards Stats & Trivia’ box, which shows various well, stats & trvia about what you’ve posted. It also contains a link to a page that shows your last 10 posts (you can increase this to a maximum of 99 using the ‘Show [  ] Latest Posts’ box at the top right of the latest posts page).

Info — this is divided into different sections and shows various bits of information about you — such as what job you do, which schools or colleges you attended,  and what shares you own — but it only shows the information you choose to enter. To add (or subsequently amend or delete) information, click on the ‘Edit’ link at the top right of the relevant section.

Following — only you will see this tab. It displays a feed of the activity of any Fools you ‘follow’, but is not visible to anyone else who looks at your profile.

At the bottom of the right hand side you can also answer questions in an Interview – just click on the ‘Edit’ link. There are lots of different questions available!  There are also sections for My Story and How I Invest.

You can add as much — or as little — information to your profile page as you feel comfortable doing. Please bear in mind that the Fool is a public website and anyone could read your profile page.

Managing Email from The Fool

How can I stop receiving your regular emails?

At the bottom of every email we send there should be a link that will enable you to unsubscribe. It will say:

Unsubscribe from this email

(or words to that effect).

If you should ever get an email from us that doesn’t contain such a link, please forward a copy of it to us at customer services.

How can I stop getting promotional emails with special offers from The Fool or its advertisers?

We only send this sort of email occasionally, and the revenue from the advertising in these emails contributes to us being able to offer the rest of our service free.

But if you’re sure that you don’t want them you should go to the Manage your email subscriptions page (see also above.)

Untick the ‘Special Offers’ box and click on the ‘Save my changes’ button at the bottom of the page.

I have changed my email address. How can I update it?

Go to the Manage your email subscriptions page.

At the top right of that page there’s a box entitled “Your email address” – just click on the ‘[edit]’ link after your current address. Enter your new email address in the box on the next page and click on the “Proceed” button.