Investing Discussion Boards

Here at the Fool we have hundreds of different discussion boards, covering virtually every subject you can think of (and a few you probably can’t!). 

When it comes to stock market investing, we have boards for individual companies on which people can discuss the prospects for particular shares.

And we also have numerous boards that cover more general investing topics — below is a selection of the more popular ones. Posting your question on the most relevant discussion board is the best way to tap in to the incredible collective knowledge & expertise of the Fool community.


Absolute Beginners Investing
If you’re completely new to investing, this board is an excellent place to start. 

Analysing Reports & Accounts
Are you stuck with what a figure in a set of company accounts means? If so, this is the board for you.

Ask A Foolish Question
Our original discussion board is based on the ethos that the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. It’s ideal for questions where you are unsure which is the best discussion board to post on.

Investing For Children
Children can invest as well. Or, more precisely, you can invest on their behalf. This board can help you on basic legal issues to consider and on recent innovations, such as the Child Trust Fund.

Investment Clubs
Joining an investment club is a great way to start investing in the stock market. 


A fool And His Money…
Unfortunately many investors are targeted by scammers. If you’re unsure about any investment scheme or want to warn others about scams you’ve encountered, this is the board to visit.

Carmensfella’s Quickies
Got an idea for a share that could make a 20% gain in 3 months?  You have?  Well, this is the board for you.  See the board’s ‘prospectus‘ for full details of how to post a ‘quickie pick’.

Communion Of Bears
Many investors like to make gloomy predictions about individual shares, sectors or the whole market. If you’re one of them then this is the board to vent your pessimism!

Expat Investors
Are you counting your cash in the sun? Then join like-minded Fools on our Expat board.

Gilts & Corporate Bonds
Most of our investing boards are devoted to shares. But if you’re a fan of bonds then try out this discussion board.

KingMcKong’s Katastrophe Korner
A highly entertaining and educational board where people confess to their greatest (investing-related) boo boos. It’s said that we can all learn from our mistakes — this board helps you learn from everybody else’s, too!

Options, CFDs & Spread Bets
The board for all your puts, calls, contracts for difference, and spread betting discussion.

Paulypilot’s Pub has long been one of most popular boards for discussing new share ideas. Indeed, it has been so popular it has been split into three separate bars:

Paulypilot’s Pub – Macro Topics
Share prices are inevitably affected by the general economic outlook — this is a great place for to discuss it.

Paulypilot’s Pub – Share Ideas
A very active board that is devoted to spotting investment opportunities — often amongst among smaller companies, but any good ideas are welcome!

Paulypilot’s Pub – Other Stuff
For anything that doesn’t really seem to fit on ‘Macro Topics’ or ‘Share Ideas’.

Portfolio Management & Review
The place to discuss your approach to running your portfolio — weightings, asset class allocation, risk profiles — and what lessons you’ve learned.

Property Investing – Commercial, Overseas and Practical
These three boards may be right up your street. Sorry!

Retirement Investing
If you’re investing specifically for your retirement, try this popular discussion board.

United States, Australia/NZ, Europe, Ireland, Asia
Do you like to invest further afield than the UK? If so, then check out our various International boards.

Investing Products

If you’ve got a query about how your broker has handled something or you’re looking to see which broker has a good reputation for customer service, then this board is the place to go. 

The Motley Fool also has its own share dealing service, which offers ordinary dealing accounts, ISAs and SIPPs.

Foreign Exchange & Currencies
For everything to do with making money via Foreign Exchange (Forex) and currency trading.

Commodities – Agricultural Commodities, Gold & Other Precious Metals
Some people like to invest in commodities – such as crops & foodstuffs, gold, silver & other precious metals – as well as, or instead of, stocks & shares. If you’re one of those people, these boards are for you.

Index Trackers
The Fool has always been a big fan of index trackers. For more details on how they work and which ones to look at, visit this discussion board.

Investment Trusts and Unit Trusts
The best place to chat about individual investment funds and their performance.

ISAs – Individual Savings Accts
Fools like protecting their investments from the taxman by sheltering them in ISAs. Find out more on this board.

iShares & ETFs
Exchange traded funds have been a big hit with investors in recent years.

Pensions – Practical Problems
If you want to learn more about either private or company pension schemes, then this is the place.

Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) are ideal for those who want to take more control of their retirement funds.

Venture Capital
Venture capital trusts are a specialised sort of investment fund that attracts income and capital gains tax reliefs, subject to certain restrictions. Keep abreast of developments here.


AIM Companies
The Alternative Investment Market has attracted large numbers of small companies in recent years. Companies listed on this market also enjoy certain tax breaks. 

All UK Shares
If the company you want to discuss doesn’t have its own dedicated discussion board then why not try this one?

Banking Sector
For discussion of anything and everything to do with investing in the banking sector. 

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
Many investors are interested in the high-rish, high-reward potential of the drug sector. This board is the best place to discuss which companies have the brightest prospects.

Mining shares have been one of the biggest gainers of the last few years, riding on the back of rapid increases in commodity prices.

Mid Cap Movers
A board which specialised in mid-cap companies which are typically valued between £400m and £2bn and included in the FTSE 250 index. Discussion of many FTSE 100 companies also takes place here though.

Oil & Gas Companies and Market & Trends
Oil and gas shares have been enormously popular among Fool users in recent years. To ease the volume of traffic we have separate boards for discussing companies and for wider issues, such as the future direction of oil prices. Note that many individual oil companies have their own discussion boards as well.

Other sector boards include Real Estate, Renewable Energy & Fuel Cells and Telecoms Sector. There is a also separate article which covers our sector boards in more detail and links to lists of companies in each sector.


Ethical Investing
For Fools who prefer to invest with a conscience, our Ethical Investing board can be a useful resource.

Growth at a Reasonable Price
This investing style looks for shares that are predicted to grow their profits at a significant rate, yet are valued on a relatively low P/E multiple.

High Yield – HYP Practical
The High Yield Portfolio is a low-maintenance investment strategy designed to produce a high and increasing level of income. This board is for discussing practical issues with running the ‘HYP’ or other very similar strategies.

High Yield – Share Strategies
This is the board for discussing the pros & cons of any & all high yield based share investment strategies.

Investing for Income
If you want to generate an income from your money — whether to live on or simply to reinvest — here’s a board full of like-minded Fools.

Investment Psychology
Behavioural finance has become steadily more popular in recent years as academics have delved more deeply into what make prices move and why investors keep on making the same old mistakes.

Investment Strategies
If you’re keen to discuss the mechanics of how to create an investment strategy, or just to comment on other people’s, this board will keep you occupied into the wee hours of the morning.

Mechanical Investing
Mechanical Investing is a collective term for a type of investment strategy that involves sticking to rigid rules regarding which investments are to be bought and sold. It was more popular in the early days of the Fool but still has many dedicated fans.

Value Shares
Value investing is all about picking shares that trade on a low valuation relative to their peers or the market as a whole.

Value Shares List
A superb example of how the power of community can help you become a better investor. On this board, our users vote for their favourite value share, usually on a monthly basis.